Experience convenience and peace of mind with Olarm’s smart security solutions. The Olarm PRO 4G enhances your existing alarm system and electric fence – all controlled right from your phone with the Olarm APP.

Key Features:

5x Multi-Network Connectivity: 4G, 2G (Vodacom & MTN), and WiFi.

Easy Setup: One cable installation with auto panel detection.

Automatic Updates: Benefit from continuous firmware upgrades.

Mobile Control: Feature-rich app for monitoring, control and customisation. All devices in 1 convenience app.

Compatibility: Integrates with leading alarm systems and electric fences.

How It Works:

The award-winning Olarm PRO 4G communicator is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current security devices. It provides feature-rich remote monitor and control capabilities, all accessible via the Olarm APP wherever you may be.

Olarm APP features for Alarm Systems include –

  1. Arm, disarm, stay & bypass zones
  2. Live zone status
  3. Zone activity history
  4. Detailed history
  5. Multiple users & the ability to give temporary access
  6. Realtime alerts
  7. Silent Panic
  8. Zone customization and more…

Olarm APP Features for Electric Fences include –

  1. Turn fence on / off
  2. Bypass zones
  3. Set fence voltage
  4. Live event log
  5. Live signals monitoring
  6. AC Fail & battery low


Integrates with leading security brands 

Paradox Alarm System: MG5050, MG5050+, SP6000, SP6000+, SP65, EVO192

DSC Alarm System: PC1555, PC1616, PC832, PC864, PC1808, PC1832, PC1864, PC5005, PC5010, PC5015, PC5020

Texecom Alarm System: Premier 412, Premier 816, Premier 816 PLUS, Premier 832, Elite 24, Elite 48, Elite 64, Elite 88, Elite 168

IDS Alarm System: 805, 806*, X16*, X64*, X64 Serial* (*Requires an adapter board – sold separately.)

Nemtek Electric Fence Energizers: Druid 13LCD, 15LCD, 18LCD, 25LCD, 28LCD, Merlin 4i, Merlin Stealth M28S, M28X

JVA Electric Fence Energizers: Z11, Z13, Z14, Z18, Z25, Z28

Subscription Details:

Olarm PRO communicator & Olarm APP requires an active subscription. (Subscription prices as of October 2023, including VAT):

6 Months subscription: R399

12 Months subscription: R749 (you save R49)

24 Months subscription: R1,249 (you save R347)

36 Months subscription: R1,849 (you save R545)

Signal routing to your Security Provider is also available – discuss directly with your Security Provider.

What’s in the box:

  • Olarm PRO device
  • 1m serial cable
  • Mounting hole template
  • 2 x mounting screws
  • 2 x wall plugs


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