Paradox EVO192 control panel with a TM70 touch keypad kit.

The Paradox EVO192 comes with 8 onboard hard wired zones and can be upgraded using ZX8 expanders adding 8 wired zones per expander up to a max of 192 zones
The Paradox RTX3 wireless expander will add 32 wireless zones to your system for using Paradox wireless sensors like PMD2 or PMD85 passives.
Up to 8 partitions where you have the need to control multiple areas for arming and disarming individually.

The TM70 touch keypad floor plan which is fully customizable using bmp image files.

Design your own floor plan – supports up to 32 floor plans for EVO range or 8 floor plans for MG/SP control panels.
Easily navigate and control your EVO alarm system with the TM70 keypad

Kit includes:
1 x Paradox EVO192 control panel
1 x Paradox TM70 touch keypad (White only)
1 x Big metal box

Not included is alarm passives, battery or transformers and wiring which is optionally selected from the catalog.

What’s New:
Added serial port encryption – the serial output will be operational only with Paradox devices (IP150/+, PCS250/260/265/265LTE, USB307)
Added serial port unlock license key for 3rd party communication devices ( license can be purchased from Insite Gold Installer Menu)
The unlock license key needs to be entered in keypad programming only, section 3000 – (Only TM50/TM70 keypads can be used – A-Z characters needed)
Panel programming is compatible with BabyWare


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