Paradox RTX3 Wireless Transceiver only.
Use only with Paradox EVO control panels, SP6000 and SP65
Paradox MG5050 control panel have a build in receiver and cannot be used with this RTX3.


Compatible with Spectra SP Series, Digiplex and Digiplex EVO
32 wireless zones (Spectra SP and EVO only)
Maximum number of remote controls: 8 w/Esprit, 32 w/SP, 999 w/EVO
Remote control compatibility
-SP: REM1, REM2, REM25, REM3
-Esprit: REM1
-Stand Alone: REM1

Wireless PGMs (8 w/EVO, 16 w/SP)
Functions with all MAGELLAN transmitters including 2WPGM
Supports two RPT1 and eight K32LRF / K32IRF (Spectra SP only)
In-field firmware upgradeable via CV4USB and Babyware
RF jamming supervision
Low battery, tamper and check-in supervision
Transmitter signal strength display
3 PGM outputs and 1 optional output
Noise level test and indicator


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